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The beautiful mountain town of Idyllwild, CA is in desperate need of help. Massive flooding from the recent storms have washed away two of the three roads into town, leaving local businesses in disarray after just starting to bounce back from the Cranston Fire that claimed over 13,000 acres of forest and several homes. Idyllwild is almost completely dependent on tourism to survive. Caltrans District 8 recently released a statement informing the town that it will be another 4 months until the two roads will be repaired. Locals simply do not have that long to wait. The situation is dire. 100% of the proceeds from the #idyllwildstrong bracelets will go to helping save our town ahead of the Idyllwild Strong Benefit Festival, August 16-18, 2019. Bracelets can be pre-ordered for now and will be shipped when they arrive.

Idyllwild Strong Bracelet

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